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Kool Beanz is a healthy food concept based in Fayetteville, WV. We are relatively new to the area but hope to provide customers their coffee, tea and smoothie fix.The items that we have in our store are homemade and organic. This means that no extra preservatives or additives are used. It maintains a fresh quality that tastes amazing. We have homemade frappe and flavored syrups that can create a custom drink you will love. See the many items we have to offer and taste the difference.
Our staff is dedicated to providing customers the items they enjoy in a healthy way. Together we can cut out all of the things that are tough on your body. Wind down after a long day with our teas. Curl up with a great book and a custom blend that makes you feel peaceful. If you have a long night ahead of you then get a boost with our espresso. This is perfect for busy students or those that are always on the go.
Get the energy you need from a drink that is tasty, fragrant and ready to help tackle on a busy day or night.

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