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Check out our Espresso bar and get the caffeine you need to start off the day. Prepare for the demands of work, family or school with the right drink each day. Get out of a grumpy, zombie mood and feel like yourself. We are committed to quality and want each of our cups to taste delicious. One taste of our smooth blends and you will never choose another coffee shop. We have many different drinks to choose from so you are sure to find a favorite. Our store has wants to make sure you get the highest quality coffee. Taste the difference when you try out our espresso drink in Fayetteville, WV.
Step into our store to see how espressos are made! We are dedicated to providing only the best cup each time you give us a visit. Our goal is to help you start every day with a delicious drink that is just right. Smell our delicious drinks and taste them to immediately wake up. We are passionate about providing customers with the best when it comes to espresso. Immediately upon arriving into our store you will get a whiff of our aromatic drinks. Savor the flavor and get started on a better day.
We want to be a place that is casual enough to meet friends for a nice cup of coffee. This is the perfect place to arrange a study group or even to catch up on the latest gossip. Write your great American novel and even get inspired to finish that play inside our shop. We want to inspire creativity while allowing others to express themselves in a place that has all their favorite beverages. Check out our complete list of drinks and find something you will like. We carry many different syrups and flavor to custom make the right cup for you.

Stop by and hang out at our coffee shop!

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