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Wind down after a long day with the help of a nice tea. Our shop has a variety of flavors that will relax your mind and body. We have a great selection so you are sure to find something you will like. Take a sip and transport your mind to a happy place. This is the perfect way to destress after a day filled with frustration and deadlines. Get your mind in the weekend mood so you can relax. Curl up with a book or favorite show and feel fresh. Our teas are flavorful and pack a powerful punch. Try out the most flavorful specialty tea in Fayetteville, WV.
Step into our tea shop and see the many different blends we have to offer. We cater to all tastes so everyone can find something to enjoy. When you grab a cup of your favorite tea be transported in a magical, relaxing place. Prepare yourself for a wonderful night by feeding your mind, body and soul the best tea. It is a quaint way to free your mind of all troubles. This is a friendly way to encourage a nice time out with friends or a nice, cozy night in with a loved on. We want you to relax and feel fresh.
The tea that we offer in our shop is gourmet and prepared at the highest of standards. We want each of our customers to enjoy a blend that is unique as well as tasty. Relax and sip away the troubles. We offer premium flavors that are unbeatable and ready for any occasion. Our goal is to provide the best in quality and taste. The teas we have are lovely and fragrant so you can relax with just a simple sniff.

Give our tea a try and taste the difference.

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